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Tough Dog

Tough Dog

Like most tough dogs, Tough Dog started life in a garage in Mona Vale in 1985, living there for three years in conjunction with a job that took it’s owner out of the country on a regular basis. Moving to Parramatta in 1988, the groundwork was set for the world-renown brand that Tough Dog is today. Originally selling shocks from Trailmaster in the US, it didn’t take long to realise that Australia needed a far tougher suspension range than anything available at the time. And the only way to find such a range was to make it! So began the Tough Dog legend.

From the very first shock, Tough Dog made a firm commitment to sourcing locally manufactured components. After all, there’s nothing tougher than an Aussie. In fact, the coil spring and the Premium Pack spring range are manufactured completely in Australia. The use of tough, high quality parts has helped develop a reputation for Tough Dog products being second to none. Yet, they are one of the most reasonably priced 4WD product ranges available anywhere in the world.

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