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Diesel Power Modules

Diesel Power Modules

What is a Diesel Power Module

Diesel Power  Modules are an aftermarket performance accessory designed to allow your common rail turbo diesel car, boat, truck, tractor or farm equipment to make more power and torque, offering increased driveability, power, torque and economy of your vehicle for a number of uses. Diesel Power Modules offer benefits for every day use, towing and racing applications.

Agricultural equipment benefit from a higher power and torque output at set rpm levels, making the vehicles much more economical saving time and fuel costs for large scale harvesting and other agricultural activities.

Marine diesels also benefit from higher torque at constant cruising speeds increasing economy and improving performance.

How does it work?

There is a lot of mis-information and market bred confusion as to how diesel performance systems work. Some make outrageous claims that are simply technically impossible. Below we will outline the function of a Diesel Power Module in plain English, allowing you to understand what it does and how it will benefit your vehicle.

The Diesel Power Module brand have three types of modules, Wire in modules, single channel fuel rail modules and two channel fuel rail and boost pressure sensor modules.

The Diesel Power Module is an interceptor module, it intercepts signals coming from the ECU going to the fuel injection rail, fuel injection pump and in some cases the turbo boost sensor and sends modified signals back to the ECU from the fuel rail.

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