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Brown Davis long range fuel tanks

Brown Davis long range fuel tanks

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All Brown Davis fuel tanks incorporate several unique and important engineering design features combining to deliver a superior product. Through years of research and development and stringent testing, Brown Davis has been able to raise the bar in Long Range and Auxiliary Fuel Tank design and manufacture.

Internal Tank Baffles When travelling through uneven and rugged terrain, or cornering with a heavy load, the fuel inside a tank will slosh from side to side. This can cause potential fuel delivery problems in a tank running mid-low volume if the fuel is able to travel away from the pick-up area. Brown Davis tackles this issue head on by strategically welding internal baffles inside the tank which act as barriers to prevent fuel movement inside the tank.   Internal Tank Baffles
Fuel Swirl Pot Working in harmony with the internal baffle system in each tank, a fuel swirl pot is fixed in place surrounding the fuel pick up inside the tank. This ensures that fuel is always available even during excessive vehicle body movement which would otherwise push fuel away from the pickup, potentially causing air to enter the system and even lead to the engine leaning out should it starve delivery enough to do so. Fuel Swirl Pot

Right-Angle Corner Support Structurally a lot of strain is placed on 90 degree right angle intersections, and can be a point of failure under heavy impact or structural twist. For this reason from day one, Brown Davis developed an ingenious way to strengthen both the join and surround material to ensure rigid strength at all 90 degree folded join intersections. Right-Angle Corner Support
Mounting Bracket Support When fully laden with fuel, and factoring that 1ltr of fuel is approximately 0.75kg in weight, a long range tank bares a lot of weight on critical mount points. It is for this reason that Brown Davis welds in a second skin to increase thickness and strength at the areas of mounting brackets. This ensures that even under the harshest driving conditions, fatigue will not cause a tank to fail at the mounts leaving you stranded in the outback.
 Mounting Bracket Support
Magnetic Drain Plug Sometimes fuel contains small contaminants, or over time foreign metallic particles can enter the tank in various ways. As such, a magnetic drain plug using extremely strong rare earth magnet is used catch these particles, allowing for easy tank maintenance and preventing the particles from travelling through the fuel system.  Drain Plug

Submerged Pressure Test Upon completion of construction, every tank is thoroughly tested for leaks prior to final painting and packing. One of these critical methods involves pressurising the tank to a specifically calculated volume of air, then fully submerging the tank in water. Bubbles will indicate any possible leaks, and ensure every tank is perfectly tested and sealed prior to leaving the Brown Davis facility. Submerged Pressure Test

Utilising high grade materials and over 30 years of design knowledge and engineering expertise, backed by a 3 year warranty, Brown Davis continues to set the benchmark in the aftermarket fuel tank industry.

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