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Black Snake nylon and kevlar recovery ropes

Black Snake nylon and kevlar recovery ropes

The rope is completely protected by a rubber casing that is vulcanised on during the manufacturing process in a massive vulcanising autoclave.  The benefits of this are:

  • Abrasion and cut resistant shell protecting the inner fibres
  • Keeps out water, mud, grit, dust and oil allowing it to be virtually maintenance free
  • If damaged, can be sent back to us for repair, extending the life of the product
  • The rope is lightweight and flexible for its relative breaking capacity allowing ease of access into awkward spaces
  • Australian Standard eyelets are embedded in the rubber casing to protect the normally vulnerable rope eyes from wear and cuts
  • Each rope has an individual serial number for traceability
  • There are more sizes in the standard range, offering greater versatility, and custom ropes up to 300 tonne and 20 metres long are available

There is a nylon version that features 20% stretch [ideal for snatch style recovery] and a Kevlar version, 4% stretch used for slow pull recovery of the largest machinery.

Custom lengths and bigger ropes up to 300t are available...

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