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About DNA Off Road Pty Ltd

Finding top quality parts and accessories at a reasonable price can be a challenge.  It’s easy to find cheap imitations yet the excitement of that unbelievable bargain is quickly forgotten when poor quality, lack of service and follow up support ensues.

The Team at DNA Off Road are passionate about what we do.  We are a retailer, wholesaler, importer, exporter and manufacturer supplying a broad cross-section of the community. This includes recreational and professional drivers, farmers, race teams, military and mining companies.  We're a company focused on providing what others seem to forget;  quality service and expert friendly advice.

We are located in Melbourne Victoria [Australia].  We send products Australia-wide every day and to many international destinations.

P  1300 GO2 DNA [1300 462 362]

E  info(at)dnaoffroad.com.au

DNA Off Road Pty Ltd

ACN 147 643 310
ABN 95 147 643 310

DNA Off Road Pty Ltd | Melbourne Australia | Ph 1300 GO2 DNA [1300 462 362]