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Milford cargo barriers

Milford cargo barriers

For more than 20 years, Milford has successfully designed, tested and manufactured its unique range of Vehicle Load Restraint (VLR) products to the highest possible standards. Milford is independently accredited by the Australian Testing Authority (NATA) to test its products to AS/NZS 4034, the most stringent load restraint performance Standard in the world.

Milford has the largest range of VLR products worldwide with a range of more than 200 Cargo Barriers and Safety Nets to suit all manner of Passenger, Light Commercial and Four Wheel Drives.

Insist on Milford - otherwise the odds are stacked against you, your employees and your family.

When it comes to protecting your family....

Your kids are sitting targets in the back seat from lethal luggage and debris hurled forward at up to 110 kilometres per hour. Don’t take your kids for granted and don’t take them anywhere without a Milford Cargo Barrier.

Compatible with child restraints... well secured
All Milford Cargo Barriers are designed with openings to allow the upper anchorage straps of a child's seat to be well secured to the original vehicle mounts, and that means all-round safety for the kids in the car.

Dual position fittings
Most Cargo Barriers in the Milford range are designed to fit in more than one position. When the rear seats are folded down for more load space, the Cargo Barrier is simply moved forward and positioned directly behind the front seats. Milford Cargo Barriers are fitted with a Milbolt or quick release mechanism for quick and easy movement.

User Friendly
Most Milford Cargo Barriers can be moved without the use of tools. So for quick access, or moving the barrier for a larger load, Milford designed Cargo Barriers make it easy for you.

When the going gets rough....
Unrestrained cargo can be lethal in a four wheel drive in the event of a roll-over, front impact collision or sudden stop brought about by difficult terrain. Protect yourself, your family and your passengers from outback disasters by fitting a Milford Cargo Barrier.

When it comes to protecting your employees....
In the event of a frontal collision unrestrained cargo can hurtle forward with an incredible force, severely injuring or killing anyone in its path. We can provide protection for driver and passengers in over 200 different load carrying vehicles.


Note All cargo barriers come fully assembled and complete with all parts necessary for fitment.


Most models available 4WD and non-4WD cars and vans.

If you do not see what you need, please contact us and we’ll get it for you.

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