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Hema Navigator

Hema Navigator

HEMA pride themselves on their customer service and support, particularly when it comes to the HEMA Navigator. To continue to enhance their wide range of options for support they have created a range of training videos.

These videos currently range from the basics of the unit through to some of the more complex functions, such as changing the Ozi interface.

The online training videos will continue to be developed and grow in both content and volume. HEMA is committed to producing quality training material, provided free on the web, to show you how to get the most out of the unit.

If you have any particular functions that you feel should be made into a video please let us know and we'll chat to HEMA and see if they can add that to their listings.

The HEMA YouTube page also has some great pre and post sales resources: information videos and short clips from well known TV shows such as Pat Callinan's 4x4 Adventures and Great Australian Doorstep.

The videos can currently be viewed on ether the HEMA Navigator website or on the HEMA YouTube channel

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